TL - Therapy Large

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Sectioned into 4 equal compartments - ideal for covering the whole back.

Size - 30cm x 60cm

Weight - 2.95kgs

RRP - $71.50

This Wheat Bag can be folded small enough to fit into a medium size microwave.  The microwave requires a minimum of 16cm in height and needs a 30cm full spin rotation space to accommodate this style. Care must be taken when heating this style - it is recommended that it is supervised while heating to ensure that the turntable does not falter causing the Wheat Bag to become stuck exposing it to a potential hot spot issue which may result in burning. Please note that burning is not covered by warranty so care needs to be taken.

Our fabric is 100% wide wale cotton corduroy which is not only the safest fabric to use but also the most comfortable.

Our wheat is non-chemically treated and heating times are sewn into every Wheat Bag.

Please note: all sizes and weights are approximates only.