About Us

After many frustrating years of using hot water bottles to assist in pain management and warmth issues Karen Willis, owner and director of Wheat Bags Australia Pty Ltd, developed Wheat Bags, the all natural Australian made microwavable heat packs in 2000. 

Having suffered lower back issues for most of her life, Karen felt there had to be a more effective and safer way to stay warm and soothe her aching back - so out of frustration she made her first Wheat Bag and hasn’t looked back since.

Working closely with qualified professionals like physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, masseuses and the general public Karen developed a wide range of styles and shapes that cover all areas of the body.  The highest quality wheat and fabrics are used, attention to detail and quality are vital and happy satisfied customers are the driving force at Wheat Bags.

Wheat Bags Australia's mission is to assist in the management of pain in a natural, effective, comforting and affordable manner.