"OMG had this wheat bag for a couple years now and it's the best thing ever. Since purchasing I was in a car accident that left me some severe neck whiplash and this wheat pack has been a dream to relieve pain in my neck. Can't live without it."
- Beth


“Hi just wanted to give you some feedback. We were so happy with the products you provided us on our weekend order that arrived yesterday that we decided after looking at your brochure we would order some more last night. We could not believe that our items were at our door before we even got home this afternoon, that is just amazing service. The items from today have already been used and you have received a two thumbs up. Thank you and we will be passing your details on to everybody we know. Cheers.” 
- Kelly Moloney


“I bought the wrap around neck wheat bag off my physio about 2 years ago. When I realised my water pillow was not giving my neck any support and causing me to wake with migraines I started wearing the wheat bag every night with my water pillow. This certainly helped a lot and I never slept anywhere else without it. A few months ago I started waking up with migraines again and threw the water pillow away. I started sleeping on my back with just the wheat bag around my neck and a pillow under my knees to take pressure off my lower back. I am so comfortable that I do not move all night now. Thanks.”
- Sharon


“My daughter & I are seriously addicted to our heat packs (both of us have chronic pain). These are by far the best I have come across!!! Keep up the great work!!! We love your Wheat bags Australia xxx”
- Robyn


"If there is any one wheat bag to own, it is this one.

I work at a gym and have had the opportunity to work with personal trainers and physiotherapists. ONE of the leading causes of headaches are tense rhomboids, trapezius & pectoralis minor muscles (which result from poor posture, either from sitting down on computers or just general body fatigue). This one wheat bag is able to target all of them.

I have recently ordered another for a friend and two others are interested. The perfect everyday-use wheat bag, I absolutely love it.

  • Simple, functional design
  • Weight allows for it to remain fixed in place while performing day to day tasks
  • Can be turned around and used to treat chest (very important)
  • Easily stored since it folds effortlessly"

- Hood


“I have to admit I don't use mine for medicinal purposes as I am lucky enough not to have a sore back at this time in my life. The reason I have ordered and used and about to order another one is, I use it in my bread making process. I have a proofing box and I heat the bag up and the bread dough rises beautifully with it. I am going to buy a 2nd one so I can make double amounts of bread. Just another way of using these beautiful well made heat bags.”
- Gail


“I would just like to thank you for my sons wheat bag. He was very happy to receive it @ his work place, he was not expecting it and thought he had delivery of something for his motor bike that he had forgotten about. He assured me it will be used frequently.

He is 35 years of age and has been doing Motor Cross since 9 years of age and has had quite a lot of injuries over time like broken leg, ribs, back, sternum I would be happy if he took up knitting for an interest.
Once again thank you for your'e help with my order the other day,
have a lovely day.”
- Elaine


“Hi there! I just wanted to send you a little note to say how much we LOVE our wheat bags! I bought mine on a whim in 2008 and it quickly became one of my favourite items in the world. I use it SO much - it's my ultimate go-to for comfort - but even after 6 years it's in great condition. Everyone in the family uses it. From our little aspie daughter with sensory issues (it helps her get to sleep) to my big burly husband. It got to the point where we were fighting over who would use it next. I'd sneak into my daughters room after she was asleep and very gently sneak it out from under her covers so I could use it. So, this week I bit the bullet and bought us a couple more and we're so happy with them - especially the little person we got for our daughter, he has been named Louie and doesn't leave her side except to pop into the microwave! Thanks so much for a great product! I'm sure we'll be loyal customers for many more years to come.”
- Nikki