NBV - Neck Bag Closing

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Boomerang shaped Wheat Bag which can close at the front of your neck with hook and loop - great for other areas of the body too.

Size - 16cm x 60cm

Weight - 1.1kgs

RRP - $47.95

Add an extender belt for $7.95 and this neck bag can be used on many areas of the body.  The extender belt adds an additional 45cm in length.  Click here if you cannot locate the extender belt in our shop.

This style with the extender belt is also great for pregnancy where it can be placed on the lower back or under the tummy to add heat.

Our fabric is 100% wide wale cotton corduroy which is not only the safest fabric to use but also the most comfortable.

Our wheat is non-chemically treated and heating times are sewn into every Wheat Bag.

Please note: all sizes and weights are approximates only.